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Les voyages d'Alix


Follow Alix into Orange and Vaison-La-Romaine !

Founded in 40 B.C. by the veterans of Caesar's 2nd Gallic legion, Orange is a Roman colony named Arausio. It knows a great development under the reign of Emperor Augustus during which the theatre is erected. The city is equipped during the centuries with typical monuments of the Roman urban civilization: the Ancient Theatre, the Triumphal Arch of Orange, the temples, the hemicycle, the surrounding wall, the aqueduct...

In support of the remarkable work of illustration accomplished here by the draftsman Jacques Denoël, we find the sense of detail and the documentary requirement, always very thorough, that Jacques Martin's followers know well.

Casterman Editions
Comic strip
48 pages
Available in French only
ISBN : 9782203034099


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