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Official Catalog exhibition


The official catalog of the exhibition "Signac and colour harmonies"

In this exhibition catalog, discover nearly 70 works of the neo-impressionist movement whose main theorist was the painter Paul Signac. Alongside him, you will find the great figures of fin-de-siècle art such as Georges Seurat, Camille Pissarro, Maximilen Luce, Théo Van Rysselberghe, Henri-Edmond Cross, Louis Hayet, Achille Laugé, Georges Lacombe and Georges Lemmen.

Explained chronologically, the catalog traces the painter's career, from his interest in Claude Monet and vibrant color and his meeting with Georges Seurat in 1884 to his contrasting and vividly colored works painted in the 20th century, which would pave the way for new modern stylistic genres such as the Fauves, the Futurists, and abstract art.

Dimensions : 24 x 28 cm
160 pages, paperback version in French only
Fonds Mercator Editions
ISBN : 9789462302792


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