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Antique Theatre of Orange collection

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Roman elegance

This incredible necklace created by designer Joâ Grenier is inspired by the vivid colours preserved on the frescoes of Pompei. There is every indication that the antique theatre of Orange was decorated with the same iridescent colours in its heyday. Imagine the friezes that covered the entire theatre: Some vestiges of them remain, such as the procession of Victories exhibited at the Museum of Art and History.

The necklace consists of faceted agate stones in several colours, hardened coral beads, and painted wooden beads. It is mounted on string, and closes with an antique style gilded metal clasp with a floral design. A matching bracelet and earrings are also available.

Length : 48 cm
Handmade, creation of Joâ Grenier Inc, for the Theatre Antique d'Orange
Made in Quebec, Canada

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