Turner et la Couleur

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Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) reigns unquestionably over the landscape of the English paint of the XIXth century. His landscapes in the vibrating tones and his brilliant visions of the atmospheric phenomena made of him the painter of the archetypal color.
Centre of the work of Turner, the color is also the electrical wire of this work, published on the occasion of the exhibition "Turner and the color" in the Hotel of Caumont Centre of Art. More than hundred paints and watercolors of Turner, covering the whole career, are richly illustrated there, grouped in thematic sections and presented by conservatives and researchers specialists of the work of the artist.

Delicate tones which colour the sketches of journey of the artist in the powerful tones which invade the most famous paintings of its maturity, " Turner and the color " is the opportunity  to rediscover the work of this prodigious colorer, of whom Claude Monet would have said that he knew " to paint the open eyes ".

Bound with jacket, 192 pages
Available only in French
Publisher : HAZAN editions

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