DVD The fantastic and wonderful world of Bosch. Brueghel. Arcimboldo.

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Carrières de Lumières collection

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Official DVD of the 2017 show !

From Hieronymus Bosch’s most emblematic triptychs, to Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s remarkable compositions of flowers and fruit, and the village festivities depicted by the Bruegel dynasty, the Carrières de Lumières embraces the fascinating worlds of the great masters who represented these animated scenes of life and the duality of a world shifting between good and evil. Their work share the same excellent facture and incredible inventiveness. Bosch’s hallucinatory imagination and Arcimboldo’s highly creative and improbable faces are complemented by the joyous triviality of Bruegel’s works, whose many figures are inspired by reality. Highlighting more than 2,000 digital images projected on a total surface area of 7,000 m², the Carrières de Lumières will be filled with innumerable fantastical creatures and allegorical figures. These are depicted spontaneously, and some are frightening and others amusing and caught up in comic situations—all these characters are reflections of the viewers.

BONUS Georges Méliès, the cinemagician  -  Director  : COSMO AV

Length 40 min + 8 min

Can be played in worldwide DVD players / NTSC system.