Porsche, Masterpieces from the Régis Mathieu collection

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Cité de l’Automobile Mulhouse collection 

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To mark the seventieth anniversary of the emblematic Porsche company, the National museum Cité de l'Automobile in Mulhouse, made the exhibition of the incredible Régis Mathieu collection. Which for almost thirty years has brought together exceptional models from the Stuttgart brand. This will enable enthusiasts, as well as those less familiar with the brand, to appreciate these historic models, complemented by exceptional chandeliers, exhibited for the first time outside the Ateliers Mathieu Lustrerie.

This exhibition focuses on a remarkable collector, creator, and restorer of chandeliers, who, like the Schlumpf brothers, believes that automobiles are works of art in their own right.  This portfolio will bring you back to this wonderfull exhibition with explicative notices of these Porsches incredible models.                                             

101 pages, hardcover
dimensions of the closed book: 26.5 cm by 31 cm
Bilingual version; French English.