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Gustav Klimt. An immersion in art and music.

As the success of the immersive digital art exhibitions of the Carrières de Lumières, in the Baux-de-Provence (South of France), the Atelier des Lumières opens its doors in the heart of Paris, spring of 2018. A former foundry of the 19th century will serve as a monumental setting - more than 2000 m²- to this unique project. The art exhibition reflects the extraordinary cultural development experienced by Vienna on the eve of the twentieth century. In all areas of intellectual and artistic life there are major upheavals, with in background the person of Freud and the invention of psychoanalysis. In art, this need to free oneself from morality and tradition is centered around the Vienna Secession, an art movement founded in 1897 by Klimt, among others.
Beaux Arts Editions will devote a special issue to this event. It will return to the various aspects of the Vienna Secession, including Klimt, Schiele and Hundertwasser.

60 pages - Paperback - 22 × 28.5 cm
French-English bilingual version
EAN 9791020404404

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