Pieri Vincentelli

The collaboration with Culturespaces


We started to work in France 4 years ago after being contact from our agent in France Sarl Clopy and being presented in Museum Expression fair in Paris.
I was very happy about the great request of our customizable items.
I'm glad to offer to each customer what he wants and because of that we made very different collections.
The one for Culturespace is unique for colours , lightness , great leather and very nice combinations. I can tell you that everything I worked for in the past is now in your collection.

" Being Italian means to live every days surrounded by beautiful art."

Let’s talk about you… Can you introduce yourself?
Hi, I am Marco Pieri Vincentelli, I am 60 years old and I own the company Marco Pieri Snc which produces bags, travel items, belts and all kind of accessories made in leather and fabrics since 1977.
I am married since 30 years with Silvana Soro, my sweetheart and partner at work. Together we have 2 sons, Giacomo and Stefano, and 2 lovely granddaughters, Vittoria and Cecilia.
I love animals and I have dogs since I was kid, now I have Marceline, my shadow.
I have an exuberant personality and a great optimism, I like music, sea sports (windsurf especially) and nature.
I like my life; my eldest son Giacomo works with me too and this is the best gratification for me.

Could you describe your professional background for us?

I studied architectural without getting a degree.
I grew up in an entrepreneur family. My 3 brothers and I used to work in our family business since we were young. This gave me the chance to understand better commercial demands, supplier contact and so on.
I was very responsible since I was young so often I’ve been chosen to supervise the staff of the factory or to substitute lacking workers. Nevertheless I felt the necessity to find my own personal business, I took some time off for a long trip in South America when I was 24, and I came back with a project: create my own collection of leather goods characterized by strength, comfort and lightness.

What does inspire you?
As I said before when I went to South America I took back a souvenir with me from my journey: 2 travelling bags made of genuine leather. I loved those travel bags but I noticed a lack: they were very very heavy. So I started by myself to learn sewing and  I spent a lot of time visiting old Genoese and Tuscan hand craft workshop trying to have all information I was able to get.
After I’ve learned enough I designed 2 similar bags replacing the very heavy leather with light-weight fabric used for sails and I kept the strong leather just for the trimming. The result was very nice so I made the decision to start my new business.
What does your work consist in more precisely?
My work consists in designing and producing new lines of bags and accessories. As a designer and producer I am able to follow all the process of creation so I can control the quality of the materials and of the making.
How many persons are required to design this creation?
We are 4 people in total. Giacomo is the designer. Silvana is our manager who keeps the contacts with clients. Wen is my help in the creations project. I supervise everything and coordinate the work.
Does working with a museum or a historical site particularly attract you?
Yes of course. My father was a collector of contemporary art, my favorite aunt was an artist, my wife’s sister is an artist too, my youngest son studies Sculpture in Art Academy and being Italian means to live every days surrounded by beautiful art.
We have worked with pictures of paintings showed in some of the most important museum in the world this is a great goal we achieved.
It is a high responsibility and a great satisfaction to arrive at the right colors definition in order to get the copyright agreement.

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