The collaboration with Culturespaces

Museums and monuments managed by Culturespaces are magnificent and inspire us. It was obvious that we answer positively to your demand. And because we thank you to have been “liking” us for 15 years. 

"To honor and to perpetuate the legacies"

Let’s talk about you… who are you?

I am the artistic director of my company that bears my name: in fact, it is my father’s name, Petrus. It is also my middle name, I feminized it.

What is your background?

Self-educated and free, I am curious. I received a good cultural education from my parents.

Everything started in 1996 when, antique dealer and gallery owner, I realized a trip in India. I discovered the universe of hand labor weavers that still weave by hand in respect of ancestral traditions. Fascinated by what I saw, I decided to create my first collection. Then the first Petrusse stars were born and with them the return of the cashmere pattern in France; cashmere palmettes, symbol of nobility and upscale are selected, stylized and reinterpreted to cover shoulders of refined women.

What inspires you?

Life and all its beauty, nature, cultural legacies and the arts of different countries like Holland (which is where I am from), France that I love and also Japan and India.

What do you do exactly in you work? 

As artistic director, I give the impulsion, the track of each new collection, 4 a year.

How many are you to make these creations?

I draw and create most ideas and I am helped by two stylists.

Does working with museums and historical sites has a particular appeal to you?

Yes, it does. It is our duty to honor and perpetuate the legacies that they hold. And to make people discover through a stole a piece of history and to beautify a woman or a man, to share with others this taste for beauty. 

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