Esther Bonté

The collaboration with Culturespaces


Culturespaces discovered the Paris collection (permanent collection) and offered me the chance to collaborate with the Jacquemart-André Museum. The idea was to promote this historical building. We developed the project together. I created a scarf that represented the museum, reproducing the Winter Garden and the museum's façade. A real challenge which I'm very proud to present to you here. I posed in the Winter Garden to give you some ideas of knots.
The finish is flamboyant and very feminine. And reproducing the drawing on small leather goods has been a real success!

"Scarves are an excellent medium for illustration"

Esther, let's talk about you. Tell us about yourself.
I am a silk scarf designer. I'm 28 years old, and I have lived and worked in graphics and textile design in Paris for the last 5 years. I launched my own brand in 2010 with a first collection entitled Las Vegas.

How did you end up here?
I was always very creative from a very early age – my family is very artistic. I studied Applied Arts in Brittany, and then Textile Creation in Roubaix before ending up at the Sorbonne and getting my degree from DUPERRE while working on placement at the Style Colours and Materials department at PSA Peugeot Citroën. I've also collaborated as a freelancer to help create a bed linen, porcelain and of course, many silk squares.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Nature inspires me: the birds, the animals, the deserts ... but also cities like Las Vegas. I use things I see on my travels and in fashion to create my collections.
Scarves are an excellent medium for illustration – there are so many possibilities and they give a lovely colour finish.

What does your work actually involve?
I draw on paper by hand, then I compose my illustrations on the computer to give them colours and materials. The finished drawings are then printed in Como, Italy, on high-quality natural material.
I try to bring a bit of pleasure to people by creating fantasy prints, sensible yet refined.

Is there anything in particular that attracts you to working with museums or historical sites?
I really love history and culture. I'm always going to exhibitions!
Working for the Jacquemart-André Museum is a real honour! It's such an inspiring place, and so feminine. I feel so at home here!
And the collaboration doesn't end there, we're preparing another surprise for spring 2015. Keep an eye out!

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