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Portfolio - Van Gogh, The Starry Night


The official photo album Van Gogh, The Starry Night - the Atelier des Lumières

"We wanted to show the expressive force of his touch, through this material and these colors that he applied to the canvas in energetic and almost violent gestures [...]."

Here is the tribute to the immersive art exhibition "Van Gogh, The Starry Night", at the Atelier des Lumières, the first digital art center in Paris.
Marvel at Vincent Van Gogh's most beautiful works, hugging the industrial architecture of this former foundry.

Directed by Gianfranco Iannuzzi, Renato Gatto and Massimiliano Siccardi.
Photographs: Jean-Michel Deguine, Eric Spiller

French version only
Dimensions : 29 x 22 cm
ISBN : 9782953806250